On the Horizon

E.D. Mondainé looking to the future

Always looking ahead, Mondaine’s biggest focus in advancing the role of the Church centers on education. A job training center, a college for the ministry, and a larger space for Celebration Tabernacle in Portland, OR are just a few of the projects on the horizon.

Opening C.A.P.A.

Celebration Academy of the Performing Arts (CAPA) was started in 2004, and ran for 4 years before lack of funding caused the school to close it’s doors. Very passionate in the effects of combining arts with academics, reopening CAPA is a pressing mission for Mondaine. CAPA believes that a solid education is developed by utilizing the power of the performing arts in conjunction with traditional studies and smaller class sizes. Inspiring a child to have a love for learning itself propels them to succeed in nearly all aspects of life. Emphasis in learning is placed on comprehension and applied knowledge. CAPA classes are steeped in not only academic studies, but real life observation and application, meaning students take frequent field trips to see the very topics they are learning about in action.

Teach Me to Fish Headquarters

There is currently a Teach Me to Fish entrepreneur center in St. Louis, Missouri which opened in 2008. The next venture for TMTF is to open a Portland headquarters that can facilitate classrooms, lecture halls, a commercial kitchen (for a culinary program) and possibly living quarters for select TMTF participants.

New Building for Portland Church

Celebration Tabernacle has always been a storefront Church, and for good reason, each community that it has joined, it has changed through community programs (such as PROPER and Fresh Start) or through businesses such as Fridays Espresso, Po’Shines and Little Angels. With two decades under it’s belt, Celebration is seeking a new home that would facilitate a growing congregation and blossoming ministries.

Empyrean College

Under the guide of the True Believers Assembly, Mondaine and his staff have ordained 10 Pastors and licensed 20 Ministers over the past 20 years. Each person that comes through the program is placed in various serving and entrepreneurial positions, submerging them in the community and in the work of Christ. Students study current events as well as history, language, health and variety of other areas that help to create a rich and well-rounded minister of the the gospel. Mondaine’s talented group of colleagues that he’s worked with throughout the years rotate as professors and guest speakers. Opening Empyrean College would provide the opportunity for many other individuals passionate about the social entrepreneurial roots that the church has always had, to be a part of the mission of Mondaine and the True Believers Assembly. The addition of the college would also help to plant churches throughout the nation to spread the efforts of the 4 quadrant ministry.